Rumors about Neuralink

The grievances were first reported last week when the Physicians Committee for Medical Care (PCRM) filed a federal grievance with the United States. USA Part of the agricultural department in connection with the treatment of monkeys at the University of California (uc), Davis in connection with Neuralink site. PCRM is a nonprofit cruelty organization that conducts experiments and can promote for animals.

Along the same lines, Neuralink is developing a device that I describe as a mask, with the ability to measure movement, body shape and other information, and then integrate the data collected into one device. Mobile. In 2020, the system will receive an FDA Award for Success and plans to enter philanthropy this year.

experiments of Neuralink

During the experiment on 23 monkeys at the university, Neuralink site refused to provide physical and mental care, used “unapproved materials” to conduct the experiment, and in some cases killed the monkeys with animals, the nonprofit group said. Even before being used in the application of PCRM claims, it is based on what has been obtained through public registration programs that contain approximately 600 pages of what the organization calls “annoying documents.”
“Documents show that monkeys’ brains have been mutilated to suffer and die,” Jeremy Beckham, the institute’s co-ordinator, said in a statement. Amputation

In response, Neuralink site shared a blog post on Monday in which it explained its method for testing animals and directly challenged the claims made by PCRM. To begin with, the company intends to eradicate the killings, noting that when the animal testing program was initially at uc davis, only the body and terminal methods were used, animals that were “sufficient” by veterinary staff. “They were healthy.” An anesthetic event, but may not be of good quality for a previous illness.



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